Slot Gambling Tips and Tricks

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Slot Gambling Tips and Tricks – tips and tricks in playing online slot gambling games are indeed spread everywhere, but there are many tips and tricks that are not real and only trick the players.

Since progressive jackpots mostly come with online slots, we need to look at the history of slots. There is some debate over who invented the early slot but it is generally accepted that it was the American inventor, Charles Fey. The slot was dubbed Liberty Bell and its popularity exploded as soon as the public got it.

Slot Gambling Tips and Tricks

From there slot machines spread around the world and it wasn’t until the 1980s that things started to change. In the 1980s, we looked at our early video slots, where mechanical reels were replaced by video screens and Random Number Generators. Once this is in place, game developers can start experimenting by linking slot machines together to create early progressive jackpots.

Once the Internet became an issue, this allowed more freedom to link games from different casinos together and, ultimately, transfer them to casinos as well.


While the basic inspiration behind playing progressive jackpot slots online games remains the same, there are small comparisons between certain types of progressive games. On this basis you will want to look at the 3 main types and what makes them different from each other.

– Stand Alone Progressive – Stand alone progressive is a casino game that is not linked to other games. However, each of the players betting on this machine is willing to contribute to the jackpot. Since there is only one game that makes the jackpot grow, it obviously grows much slower and doesn’t get bigger. When the early progressives come out, this is the type to use. Currently, they are less common but can still be found in some land-based casinos.

– Local / In-house progressive – When it comes to local or in-house progressive jackpots, the casino will want to connect several different machines. This is usually between 10 and 100, but still within the same casino. Again, this is mostly found in land-based casinos, but some casinos also charge progressive jackpots of this type. It offers bigger jackpots than standalone games, but not as big as the next type on our record.

– Wide Zone progressive Network – This is a progressive slot game that offers multi-million dollar jackpots. Hundreds or even thousands of games will be linked together in some casinos. This can also include land-based websites and casinos that link the games together.